Teen Driving Classes

Teen Driving Classes


Learn 2 Drive classes in Kansas City is owned by CDL Pros and instructed by professionals who are dedicated to this community and committed to providing our teens with the best possible driving instructions. Our instructors are highly trained, certified driving instructors utilizing the most up-to-date technology and educational materials which offer theory and practice, and demonstrate the proper behavior in navigating through traffic and various road conditions in a safe learning environment.

Learn 2 Drive classes provides our students with superior skills in preparing them for their driver’s license exam as well as safe driving habits that will last a lifetime. Our certified instructors provide a driver education program which exceeds the basic requirements, and teaches life-long safe driving habits.

This locally owned Driving school, named CDL Pros, is proud to offer you a wide range of courses and classroom schedules to prepare you for your exam or for your next driving experience. New and seasoned drivers alike will benefit from the education and skills learned from our training courses and classes.

Learn 2 Drive is not a school but are classes that are provided by the school CDL Pros. CDL Pros is a certified and approved school by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Approved and Certified Through The State of Missouri

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Learn 2 Drive classes in Kansas City has courses to fit your schedule and educational needs.