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Driving Classes in Kansas City

Our trained and highly competent driving instructors teach you theory and practice, and they demonstrate the proper behavior in road traffic. The latest teaching methods and vehicles professionally prepare you for the road – through our expertly instructed driving classes, your safe mobility will be guaranteed! We offer three vehicle makes and models to suit your vehicle preference. Our expert drivers pick clients up and our vehicles are used for testing. 

We offer our student drivers solid training in all of our classes at affordable prices. Our driving instructors’ long years of professional experience make learning especially easy, and we provide you with support on the way to obtaining your license.  We offer one-on-one instruction. 

We teach you how to drive the right way!  Payment Plans Available + City Wide Pickup!   

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Driving Class 1

This, two-hour, driver’s license program will help give the student the knowledge and the hands-on behind-the-wheel experience needed to pass the driver’s exam. The curriculum is tailored to benefit both the new driver and those drivers who have had practice driving, and who would like to sharpen their skills.

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Driving Class 2

This three, two hour behind the wheel driving instruction class, is more in-depth and has more hours of behind-the-wheel training.

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Driving Class 3

This, three, two hour behind the wheel driving instruction class also includes three hours of class room time and a one hour refresher training, that is scheduled the same day the driver is taking his/her exam.

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Driving Class 4

This, three, two hour, driving refresher course which also has three hours of class time is designed for the nervous driver, elderly driver, those who have not driven for quite some time.

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The Best Kansas City Driving School

Driving is a privilege: our unique approach to teaching the rules of the road reinforces the tremendous responsibility of teens and adults to develop the proper attitude toward a lifetime of safe driving. CDL Pros in Kansas City offers Learn 2 Drive driving classes that help you learn to drive and become a better driver. We want to ensure you that our driving classes consist of lively discussions, problem-solving, contemporary topics and thought-provoking videos rather than assigning chapters to read or boring busy work as other schools do so regularly.

CDL Pros’s Learn 2 Drive classes in Kansas City are Licensed, Insured and bonded. CDL Pros is approved and certified through the state of Missouri. We pick you up for ALL classes and let you utilize our vehicles for the test. 

Safety is what drives us! We are with you from Start to Finish! 

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Kansas City Driving Classes


Expert Driving Instructors in Missouri

Are you searching for the ideal driving school for yourself, for your child, or your employees? CDL Pros is committed to providing you with a convenient and efficient driver education program for your specific needs. With many years of experience and numerous class options, we are the most convenient and experienced private driving school in Missouri. We are equipped to serve all types of driving students… teens and adults alike. Please call us today at 816-916-2516 or 816-918-5620 to learn more about why we have the right driving classes in Kansas City for you provided by CDL Pros!

CDL Pros’s Learn 2 Drive classes are licensed, bonded and insured.

Approved and Certified Through The Missouri Department of Higher Education

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Learn 2 Drive classes in Kansas City has courses to fit your schedule and educational needs.