Adult Driving Education

Adult Drivers Education


Are you an adult driver who would like to improve your driving skills or has never had the opportunity to learn to drive? Who better to coach you than a highly respecting driving school in KC? At CDL Pros our Learn 2 Drive class instructors are committed to improving your driving skills and helping you become the best driver possible.

Who Should Attend Adult Drivers Education?


CDL Pros have designed Learn 2 Drive adult and teen drivers education for the driver who needs initial or additional drivers training. Perhaps you are new to this country or have incurred violations or accidents that have eroded your confidence. CDL Pros’s Learn 2 Drive classes and it’s group of trained instructors are the perfect solution to prepare you to drive or improve your driving skills. We provide the following to both licensed drivers and those holding a driver’s permit:

  • behind-the-wheel adult driving classes to improve current drivers
  • training for adults who are first time drivers
  • customized programs to fit your individual needs

Why Should I Choose Learn 2 Drive classes for an Adult Drivers Education?


The most important aspect of any drivers education class is SAFETY, and the best safety feature you can add to your car is a well trained driver. With certified instructors, our students get the most current and experienced driving instruction. At CDL Pros, our Learn 2 Drive class instructors are highly trained in every aspect of controlling a vehicle and the most current traffic laws. Our team doing Learn 2 Drive classes is committed to excellence and providing you the best in drivers education. Contact CDL Pros and ask about our Learn 2 Drive classes for more information.

Approved and Certified Through The State of Missouri

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Learn 2 Drive in Kansas City has courses to fit your schedule and educational needs.